Digital Marketing

Digital Beans is a result-oriented Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore that provides digital marketing services to help grow businesses using a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
Digital marketing is a constantly evolving phenomenon where we stay right on top of every move to be a great partner in the achieving business goals through digital techniques. We know what your audience is interested in and convert the little things that matter the most.
Through our creative digital campaigns, we look forward to moving along digital evolution. We help our business partners to achieve remarkable goals by solving complex issues with an intelligent digital strategy.

A. Contextual Message
The way you think is an important factor that must be considered. We want to build your message to encourage your target audience to fuel the desired outcome.

B. Colloboration

Our SEO Experts truly understand your organizational digital marketing needs.Digital Beans helps to generate online traffic to acquire customers and smoothen the flow of business transition from traditional mode to digital world.

C. Website Traffic
For a truly online business, we will help you build website traffic through search engines, social media, blogs, organic and paid campaign strategies designed by our expert digital marketing team.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Beans provides strategic Social Media Marketing and efficiently that identifies reaching your target audience. We offer tailor-made SMM services for brands as per their size and budgets. Our social media marketing strategy is a distinct result of data insights. For a digital campaign, we combine onsite and social media analytics from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and design an integrated digital campaign.

We research and explore in detail the client’s digital media channels and help them understand ROI from them. The integration raises the brand visibility to a higher level and intensifies consumer reach.This is an important part of the digital marketing where the Interactions over social media completes with the audience association.Digital Beans helps you to build a strong brand identity on Social Media with an image and a reputation that well reaches to your target audience.

The Best Strategies

We Create the The Best Strategies to target your audience on Social Media Marketing platforms.

The Most Appealing Campaigns

We Create the most applealing Campaigns and Best Posts to attract Users Attention for Brand Building.

Knack of Choosing Right Audience

We have the knack of choosing the audience for your business, you will get a more attention to your business through our campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Digital Beans is a Digital Advertising Agency expressing clear brand identities and concepts. Our creative experienced experts engage with the new perspective and mould the existing brands to run into an inspirational & communicative channel. We believe that a planned approach and simplicity can lead to a successful Digital Advertising campaign while an impactful digital lifestyle evolves with the effective digital branding processes.

Search Engine Advertising

We are here to help your customers with an easy keyword search for your business and optimize your campaigns to maximize in increasing leads or bringing in brand awareness

Display Ads

We will place your ads into carefully chosen websites with an intention to reaching users while they shop, browse or read. Similarly, we will run your ads on selected popular websites to ensure that right people find your business.

YouTube Ads

YouTube, a fast moving and advertising platform and it is inspiring on the globe right now. It helps to choose the audience for your business, launch video campaigns and get a more business.


Our targeted campaigns allow businesses to stay connected with their target audience after they leave their website by showing ads on your generated website with our re-marketing strategies.

Strategy, Planning & Execution

  • Promotion of excellent content on most popular and relevant social media platforms.
  • Probably target people within and outside your followers’ audience.
  • Our paid content media services extend to promoted Tweets, targeted Facebook ads and sponsored updates on LinkedIn.
  • We promote your meaningful content to enhance and broaden your brand equity.


Digital Beans SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves the visibility of your website in Google and positions your website at the top of the search results.

With the experienced, advanced and professional approach,We constantly work towards the competitive edge in providing Digital Marketing Services including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and various other types of Internet Marketing.

On-page optimizer factors completely rely on the segments of your own website and include technical set-up, meta tags, meta description, image optimization(quality of your code), textual and visual content and user-friendliness of your website.

Off-Page optimizer uses different methods and techniques to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page. It is not only the process of link building but is promotional and impacts your page ranking. Backlinks form a major part of Off-Page SEO

SEO Audit

First of all, we will undertake a free study of your website to understand the current status of your website in global ranking for your business category. This is to estimate the Search Engine friendliness and identify problematic areas of your website. We present a report with an action plan to suit your individual needs. To make you emerge in the online world, we ensure that our work matches constantly updated Search Engine standards.

Keyword Research

A keyword searcher finds the best keywords, identifies a comprehensive list of keywords that suits your business and it indicates that the searcher may be interested in your content. For an understanding of performance, categorize a priority list of keywords for your campaigns, into business-specific goals to make an impact.

Competitor Analysis

Facing tough time identifying how to improve your business strengths by finding the areas of weakness in your competitors? We make it simple and authenticate the potential customers that are gathered from different relevant sources. We analyze and filter which of those are really ranking from a long time, and to which extent for the same keywords reach that we’re targeting.


Our analytics team produces data that is ready to help your business with advanced analytics tools and expert insights. Here, we strive to make your business matter. Ultimately, it is to generate leads.

Google Analytics

Actionable data can empower decision-making, builds performance and draws you closer to your audience. Above all, analytical tools offer a big picture with many great features for brands. But, these can quickly become a liability as traffic increases due to restrictions.

Analytics Audits

A Google Analytics audit assess data accuracy, finds new opportunities and enhance analysis by providing a crystal clear picture of user behavior right from the first contact to conversion. These also ensures that a brand is using the best platform for their needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Website optimization helps to increase the number of visitors to your site where Conversion Rate Optimization depending on your business or industry must be started with the right keywords and the search process that adds to the complexity.

PPC Services

Our PPC(Pay Per Click) experts  research both your business and its target audience for delivering fast & effective results through a customized campaign plan. Through elaborating keywords and optimizing landing pages, we always look out to strengthen the campaigns.

Our aim is to deliver better services where higher CTR and lower CPS make a contrast.We supervise and follow-up each and every data point to optimize the account in the future.

PPC Strategy

A proper plan of action is developed to deliver instant and productive results that also help you to achieve the main objectives of your business.


We create accounts at new networks, we allow you to have a great connection with the network owner.


We use the best techniques to target the keywords and ensure to position the right keywords in the right place at right time.

AdCopy Writing

For the higher traffic generation and more growth at a lower cost, we focus on the age group’s specific keywords.

Ad Extension

We provide you with the ad extension technique to create your ad text for a striking change in the audience.

PPC Optimization

Our ultimate aim is to deliver better services where higher CTR and lower CPS make a contrast.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a very crucial factor either for selling a product or providing a service in a competitive market. There are plenty of ways to generate leads and strategies that lead generation companies to follow to succeed online. But, We have answers for your question too. This is how we generate leads.

Twitter Ads

It is a proven and sound platform today to generate leads. To start, we create the lead campaigns where the lead generation cards with related text, image, and call to action let users give their contact information to capture into our database. You can find the target easily through Twitter ads.

Facebook Ads

Undoubtedly Facebook, the largest online community is the next social media to generate leads.

Website Conversions

Website conversions track specific actions of a website. Facebook ads account generates a custom audience pixel on a web page of one or multiple websites that is useful. Then the conversations turn into leads.

So, we add a conversion tracking pixel on a “thank you page” where a lead is redirected to after they submit their contact details online.